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was dismissed as just another hunting rival. >> the left always uses assault rifles. they are really used in hunting. >> eliot: funny, i never tried to see a hunter try to bag a deal with one of those. he even defended the availability of the extra capacity magazine seen used in the attack. >> there are magazines common all over the place. you simply hi cannot keep these weapons out of the hands of sick demented individuals who want to do harm. when you try to do t you restrict our freedoms. >> eliot: we can set a speed limit but we can't ban the 100 round magazine used by james holmes. murdoch tweeted, supplied, i quote, we have to do something about gun controls, police license okay for hunting rifle or pistol for anyone without crim or psycho record no more. my pleasure to welcome to this program, the author of the domestic gunman, senator, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. you have been a proponent for gun control even in the aftermath of colorado, backing the recent measures you've had for so many years. why are we where we are. >> because of a very successful lobby controlled
on the outsourcing issue and a great friend, congress wokecongresswoman louise slaughter thank you for joining us. >> it is a pleasure. >> eliot: tell us what your amendment would do, and why it's so important. >> well, democrats have been trying for some time to stop the outsourcing of jobs. the second thing we want to do is reinforce the sanctions and help our ally israel by making it tougher for iran. we believe the sanctions are working. and we simply need more. third, we want to say the corporations are not more important than people in the united states, and will not be ever again. i want to say one thing about the mining loss. i'm not sure that people understand that. the law that we operate under today was written in 1882 and signed by ulysses grant. we stopped a consortium including iran, we from uranium from the grand canyon. it's a scandal in itself, and it needs to be changed. iran is a threat to our best ally. we need to do what we can to keep those sanctions going. by all accounts, nicholas kristof, the people of iran would very much like to be friends of america. they hold us in hi
, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you very much eliot for having me. >> eliot: let's begin with this enormously important decision from the supreme court last week that put mitt romney in a bind with the healthcare act that was upheld. mitt romney, it seems bizarre beyond words is now attacking chief justice roberts for being political. does this make any sense to you? explain this crazy dynamic to us. >> you know, i wish i could explain it. but it is bizarre. first of all for governor romney to be switching his campaign characterization initially calling it a tax and now a penalty and vice versa. i think the public is justifiably confused by this shifting labeling but bottom line, the supreme court upheld it because it could constitutionally interpret it as a tax and it has a duty to uphold the law if it can. and you and i know from our cases in the united states supreme court that the first argument we make is that laws have to be presumed constitutional. that's why i predicted from the very outs
uninsured americans? >> they care about it in theory. this used to be their plan. this is the hers taj foundation's big idea. they scared very deeply back then. i'm sure that they care now, but what you don't understand, mr. spitzer, is we have to let the market take care of this because the market has a solution. >> eliot: and it's done so well on wall street. >> absolutely. >> eliot: this is another tension that i have not been able to get my arms around. free riders are the bane of the republican party. they love to say look, 50% of the american company doesn't pay income tax. they're free riders. we got get them to pay in. pay up a little bit and they recoil. how do you square that inconsistency? >> well, not being a republican any more-- >> eliot: you're not. >> look, it's an election year. people say things that contradict each other wildly all the time. if we go down the list of conservative messages, look, you got a highly ironic republican presidential candidate this year. not only--look their number one issue is repealing obama-care and then as your presidential candidate of
congressman chris van hollen. thank you for joining us. >> it's great to be here. >> eliot: giveing a stern warning saying we got to do something. we're marching towards the fiscal cliff, and then it's hostage versus hostage how is this going to happen. >> it's not really hostage versus hostage. we have two big things to be moving on right now. one is the president's jobs plan which has been sitting in the republican house of representatives since novembers. it calls for construction on our roads and bridges, that seems to be a no-brainer except our republican colleague don't want to allow a vote. second, our president has asked us to take action right now on extending tax relief for the vast middle class. 98% of the american people. the very top get a tax cut compared to current law. that would be something that we could do right away to provide greater certainty, and if the republicans want to fight about the other stuff do it later but don't hold 98% of the american people hostage to providing tax breaks to folks at the very top. >> eliot: certainly there is not any logic but with everyt
because we say in commerce anyway because you're going to use healthcare at some point. nonetheless, i'm not so sure that it will be very easy to make the case that anything else we regulate is "inactivity" but this could be the jumping off point for further restrictions and that remains to be seen so it is worrisome. >> so folks sort of can understand the larger arc of our constitutional jurisprudence basically from the new deal until now the capacity -- your capacity as congress to legislate and regulate -- >> i wouldn't say unlimited -- >> unchecked by courts by in large. >> yes. all of the major laws we take for granted social security, medicare, minimum wage laws, maximum hour laws. >> clean air act. >> clean air act prior to 1937 would have been declared unconstitutional as beyond the power of congress. minimum wage laws were declared unconstitutional. the court changed in the late '30s early '40s and has regulated interstate commerce to provide for the common defense and to tax for the wealthier -
be right when he says, the u.s. economy headed to a stall speed. recession risk rising. let's head to dan grows columnist and economic editor with yahoo finance and for. and felix salmon. dan, i want to start with you. the name of your book, i read the title when i'm fundamentally depressed. make me feel good about this. >> you have to look at the context. private sector has added 4.4 million jobs since 2010. jobs are being added. a lot of people think a lot of those jobs added in the first three months were taking from the second quarter because the weather was so good. >> cenk: i have to interrupt you. i've been hearing this weather explanation, it's warm and we're adding jobs. i never met an employer who said the weather report is good, i'm going to hire someone. >> well, home construction, things like that can be pulled forward that might not otherwise happen in may. seasonal stuff going on. people think because the jobs losses were so severe in early 2009, do you remember back then hundreds of thousands were lost that now effects--you have to remember, these are surveys. this is not
history. barack obama's foreign policy. thank you for joining us. >> nice to be with you governor. >> eliot: susan rice just referred to the bitter end and said it is coming. do you agree assad's days are numbers? there are defections in significant number in his military and there are bombings in the capital. what does this mean? can he survive? >> you know, i think ambassador rice is probably correct but i don't think russia and china agree with her yet. it is not just that they like assad. they think he may survive. we're going to have to persuade them otherwise before we can get any kind of coorption cooperation from moscow or beijing. there is still a chance that this could go on for a long time and that assad's regime may wind up in part of the country. it may wind up facing more and more contested areas in certain cities but it may hold on because the insurgency afterall is a fairly motley crue of divorce groups that right now are increasingly good at building car bombs but can't hold territory themselves.
stands up and tell us what they're going to do about it. >> eliot: i'm joined by john rosenthal and and alex seitz-wald. >> eliot: we'll go through a few days of guns, gun control how we should change laws, and then the issue disappears. what in your view should we do, and how do we go about doing it? >> well, what we should do in this country is require congress to find its backbone instead of just trying to extract as much special interest money as possible from the gun manufacturers and the gun lobby and institute uniform national law. the only uniform national law that exists today is that there is no mandatory background check for all gun sales unless you go to a gun store. so congress says it is perfectly okay for criminals al-qaeda hezbollah, gang members to go to u.s. gun shows, 5,000 a year, 33 states, no background check no i.d. required. nobody should be surprised when they hear that 83 more people died yesterday today and every day. 105 american--i'm sorry, 150 americans shot every single day. if you added up the americans killed by firearms in 30 years it is more th
lines, above race, above any of the old political decisions that all of us are still involved in. he hasn't gotten it. >> eliot: he would become a transcendent figure if unemployment got down to 5%. we often look backwards and impose our image of what a president is. something we can't see at the time and we cannot appreciate until later on. here's the other thing. mitt romney, whatever one might think about him, i don't think there's anybody who says he is eloquent or has been in this campaign, one who has crafted an image for us. what he thinks the economy would be. is this his moment? i look back to the '08 campaign when president obama not then president obama of course was being beaten up by reverend wright. he gave an eloquent speech about race. even those who didn't vote for him said that was a superb articulation of how we address the issue. can either romney or obama give an equivalent speech about the economy that lets us see a vision for where we can go. guy hasn't done it yet. >> he's been articula
fraud. you're supposed to represent us, your audience. not those guys. unfortunately, they totally misunderstand that. funny enonononononononononononononononononononononononononononono eliot spitzer is next. >> eliot: good evening i'm eliot spitzer and this is "viewpoint." the latest attempt by democrats to stem the flood of secret donations, polluting our political campaigns has gone down to defeat in the senate. twice. once monday and once this afternoon. the disclose act they championed would have simply required nonprofit groups to disclose the names of donors contributing $10,000 or more. business lobbies including the u.s. chamber of commerce fought back claiming disclosing their contributions could expose them to and i quote retaliation against unpopular or unfavorable political views which also infringes constitutional rights. in other words the rights of corporations to make secret donations to secure influence ranks above the rights of citizens in our democracy to know who's influencing the people
served hz ceo for the past 17 months. the bank has already agreed to pay a $453 million fine to u.s. and british regulators over accusations that manipulated a benchmark interest rate liner. what's liner and what does it mean to you? in the words of cftc commissioner bart chilton and i quote "it's the world benchmark for interest rate consumers pay." if libber moves it affects loans and other activities including credit cards and home loans. barclays manipulated libor and to deceive the public about its overall health during the 2007-2008 financial crisis. also stepping down today barclays chief operating officer del missier after the bank released documents saying that del missier ordered traders to lie about libor. supposed i he did that after paul tucker gave diamond permission to rig the rate to ease fears the bank might fail. while tucker has denied the charge british regulators say the conversation did happen and that a "misunderstanding or miscommunication" occurred. other banks have been implicated as well.
the differences with specificity, even the ed etorial page is saying he doesn't give us anything. flip-flopping and vacuous devoid of ideas. am i being hard on him sam? >> no. >> eliot: great answer. >> this is the first time in my life i've ever agreed with bill kristol about anything. the problem is that romney doesn't -- he doesn't want to talk about the economy. he wants to talk about nothing. he wants this narrative to take place, this discussion take place without him so that at the end of the day he's a guy standing there after everyone has decided they don't want obama. it is not happening. they're sticking to their guns in this monomaniacal fashion. they're being disciplined in sticking to a plan they had with the hopes a year and a half ago the economy would be in such tatters he would be the guy who's not romney and it is not happening. >> eliot: they're playing a defensive game that is disciplined which is often a good thing. devoid of risk which is sometimes a good thing. but as a consequence as you poin
the how technology is changing the job market is eric brynjolfsson. thank you for joining us. >> it's a fleshing, good to see you. >> eliot: is the middle class finished based on this rise and emergence in technology. >> the work that we've done at mit shows that technology many a hit. the past ten years have been devastating in devastating in middle class jobs and wages. people are making less money now than in the 1990s even though the economic pie is bigger than it was. we're at an all hi time high of gdp and productivity. >> eliot: i want to make the point that is critical to what you've written. the crisis you're describing precedes and pre-dates the economic cataclysm of 2008. you're describing a longer term trendline and the crisis was an accelerant. the red line, explain what the red line is on this chart and perhaps the blue line is as well well. >> sure. the crisis that began in 2007 is undoubtedly a big part of the job loss. you can see that in in the steep part of the red line. going back ten years the job growth has been sub-par. income growth has been sub-par. the rec
-big-to-fail banks including j.p. morgan, hsbc citibank and ubs to the suit their specifics. did us and uk regulators know barclay's and other banks were twisting libor to their own ends as early as 2007. in late 2007, we received occasional anecdotal reports from barclay's with problems about libor. the new york fed said at the time geitner was the new york fed's president, according to the huffington post. his california shows he met repeatedly with barclay's officials in 2007 and '8 and on april 28th, 2008, to discuss, and i quote, fixing libor. on october 10, 2008, geithner sat with robert dimond a meeting barclay claims setting libor was discussed. >> randy nagbauer has requested transcripts of those years and tim johnson said today that federal reserve ben bernanke and secretary geithner should both be discussed to prepare liebor when they testify this month. in parliament hearings they defended themselves and their bank by claim can british regulators knew and approved of some libor manipulations. some said, and i quote: >> it seems to have led to th
in a chinese company whose entire business model relied on outsourced u.s. jobs. among the firms that shipped jobs to global tech while bain was enjoying the profits hamilton beach, mr. coffee revlon, proctor silex and vidal sassoon. for more on when romney left bain capital and what it means let's go to callum borchers who reported the story. >> glad to be here, eliot. thanks for having me. >> eliot: every day there is more evidence that mitt romney in fact did not leave bain bain capital in 1999. tell us how you interpret this. >> i guess it depends on how you define left. what we found is through a combination of government documents, some filed with the securities and exchange commission some filed with corporations formed in delaware and some that mitt romney filed himself as financial disclosures both at the state and federal level, they showed he was still the sole owner of bain capital. he was the president the ceo the chairman of the board up until 2002 which is three years after he claims to have left in
don't want us to think that there is a war why oh why do they keep attacking. in mississippi where the state's only remaining abortion clinic was barely allowed to stay open today. a federal judge extended a temporary order that keeps open the jackson women's health organization. mississippi said that the abortion providers must have certain requirement that they know cannot be done. just listen to mississippi representatives, lester carpenter as he bragged about the law to a g.o.p. meeting in alcorn county. this is the attitude about the damage that it might do to women. >> and of course there you have% the other side. well the poor pitiful woman that can't afford to go out of the state are just gonna start doing them at home with a coat hanger. >> that's his answer. you have to start somewhere. he has decided to start not with education not with better prenatal care. not with job opportunities that could make having children more affordableaffordable, he starts with the health and maybe the life of a woman. not just in mississippi but only other states that only have one abortion
recognizes us... think these disguises will... no. [ male announcer ] salty. sweet. and impossible to resist. >>> still empire. charging coming in the murdoch hone hacking scandal. when it doesn't mitt anywhere else, we put it in the view finer. >> clara how do you feel about the president saying that you to start this business and just speak ♪ >> this dude isn't even grounded? doesn't get detention? you are abc, sentence him to "wipeout." [ laughter ] ♪ >> oh! >> do you like a woman masseuse know. >> oh, my god. >> the jim hanson company has notified chick-fil-a that we do not wish to partner with them on any future >> the muppets were partnered with chick-fil-a. that? ♪ ♪ world war iii, that's obama's plan for and me ♪ ♪ that's why i'm voting for mitt romney ♪ ♪ he's a hero in my ♪ >> mitty has no mourn experience. what do they call that? no foreign experience. he and his wife, mrs. mitty are taking a trip to foreign countries so he can get a feel of foreign experience. here is the flight crew. there they are. >> nothing says go
like this every day. taking the convention stage to rousing applause, the vice president used his speech to discuss the vast differences between romney's vision for the future of the country and the president's vision. proven the audience was evenhanded the vice president got some boos, too but only when they heard he was leaving. joining me now is strategist and author of "the language of trust" is michael maslansky and political reporter joe williams. michael, is it fair to say mitt rom ne's speech wasn't directed at the audience in that convention hall? he was speaking to very different voters than those listening to him. >> i don't know if that's true. if you watch the whole speech, aside from the two two times he was booed for mentioning obama very measured, very thoughtful. very open speech. i think there were benefits to how this played out in the broader community. i think he was actually there to talk to the african-american community. if he could move a little to make them a little -- feel like he was a lit
for multi u.s. ambassadors to the u.n. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> is his strength loses in numbers. >> he's trying to hang on. he has not given up. it's clear that he's encouraging the government forces to strike back both on offense and defense, but i do think his days are numbers. it's inevitable when you have turkey getting involved, when you have a lot of other players in the region getting involved. it's clear that the opposition forces inside syria are taking hold. they've broken into damascus most analysts thought they would never do. i think the days are numbers. >> eliot: the opposition appears to be more organized and structured and capacity than one would have assumed even just a few weeks ago. it seems to be the consensus that iran is the regional loser if assad falls. why would that be--and that would be an encouraging fact for the united states. >> yes obviously we focused on syria, which we have done for a long time, pushing the syrian government out of lebanon back in the bush administration, we always knew that syria was really a wholly ow
it outsourced u.s. jobs, shut down plants and. >> they are dishonest. they're misdirected and i think the american people recognize that kind of politics as something in the past and it may work in chicago but it's not going to work across america. >> eliot: rom emmanuel, the president's former chief of staff may have anticipated that when he offered advice. >> stop whining. if you want to claim bain capital as your calling card to the white house then claim what happened when those jobs went in bankruptcy. >> eliot: romney seemed more comfortable demanding an apology from the president. >> he sure has heck ought to give an apology for the attacks from his team. >> obama: we won't give an apology. mr. romney claims he's mr. fix-it for the economy because of his business experience. he is now claiming he wasn't there at the time. >> eliot: stead of fighting back romney found timing to boating, leaving ed gillespie flounder as he explained the departure. >> he took a leave of absence and he ended up not going back at all and retired retroactively to february of 1999 as a result. >> elio
to congressman, thanks for joining us. >> thank you governor. it's great to be with you. >> eliot: so you're living groundhog day over and over again in the same as far farce the same vote. what is the possible reason to be voting for the 33rd time for the republican effort to repeal healthcare reform? what is this all about? >> i wish i knew. i think we should be working on jobs bills for the country get small businesses hiring again. i think we should respect the supreme court opinion up hold the law. but these guys have an obsession with this, governor, and they're going to keep doing it until i guess election day when the voters have their say. >> eliot: if our calculation is correct, 1 out of every 14 votes done on the floor of the house of representatives is a vote to repeal healthcare reform. this is insane. it has cast the house of representatives in a negative light. are you sensing people are looking at you and saying, do something that matters. >> i probably interacted with 5,000 people this fourth of july and i would guess eight of them talked about the healthcare reform bill.
, of course, but to europe and the rest of the world too. since he left the u.s. romney has succeeded in mostly making himself a laughing stock of london and raising $1 million at an israeli fundraiser. sheldon adelson were among others in attendance. quote, you see the gross domestic product per capita and compare that to the palestinianan authority which is more like $10,000 culture makes all the difference. actually the numbers are $31,000 for israel and $1,500 for the palestinians. >> the israelis may be in a conflict. and such sentiment does not save those who are trying to protect and save lives in this region. >> eliot: perhaps he did not realize of factors that the romney campaign is all about. take a look at their latest ad. >> obama: we tried that plan and it worked. that's the difference. [ cheering ] that's the choice in this election. that's why i'm running for a second term. >> eliot: what is working here is the romney campaign cynicism and lack of ethics by tearing the president's comments out of context so they have an entirely different meaning. president obama said h
on president obama again used a sound bite wrenched out of context to make the president seem out of touch with small business. >> if you have a business that's -- you didn't build that somebody else made that happen. >> well mr. president built my business. who took the risk? who put in the long hours? >> for more on the tail of the not so innocent romney aboard i'm joined by these two. monty python could not have scripted a worst beginning for mitt romney. i have been saying for months he is the most awkward unpolitician like politician i have ever seen. adam you have flown that part of the world i gater from your accident. >> it's true. >> it couldn't have gone much worse could it. it seemed to aleanate the entire country of britain. and he is looking at the backside of 10 downing street which of course isn't what it quite makes over in england. and when he sat with brian williams he is trying to warm mitt romney up saying what about ann, what about the horse. mitt looks terrified by that question. >> joe, are we missing something? is there a clever political age to
the u.s. men compete in the swimming competition. that's barely going to make up for the gaffe-prone trip he has had in london so far. >> eliot: i'm glad you messageed that dressage competition. i never knew how to pronounce it. it never instruct me that you needed to have a net worth of nine figures to know what it was. is it the horse or the person who competes who gets the medal. >> the person gets the medal. the horse gets the glory. it's a more complex form of horse ballet. it is a horse with a rider in a top hat and suit going through a choreograph set to music. and then at the end theres is a grand prix freestyle i kid you not, that's what it's called. it costs north of six figures to have a horse and compete with it. the saddles alone are $6,000 a pop. who knows how many of those they go through. the dressage is a competition of the very, very upper crust. >> eliot: there must be a cable channel on dressage. enough. let's talk gtp a bad number are they going to swing back to economics as quickly as they possibly can and forget this policy tour in the first place? >> wit
committee hearing geithner stuck to a script insisting he had behaved appropriately passing on both to u.s. regulators and bank bank of england suggestion of the way libor was contemplated. but record remains clear that geithner did nothing to stop the manipulations. a bombshell dropped by sandy wild chairman and architect of bank concentration and deregulation who now wants all of that work reversed. >> i think what we should probably do is go and split up investment banking and banking have banks be deposit takers, have banks make commercial loans and real estate loans and have banks do something that is not going to risk the tax pair dollars. >> eliot: he must have had truth serum instead of cappuccino for breakfast. i came down and suffered through the three-hour hearing because the issue seemed to important. we boiled down those three hours to less than three minutes. here are some extended excerpts from the republicans in particular didn't think secretary geithner was too big to fail. >> when did you alert the u.s. treasury and the justice department of the possibility that libor was
. romney's new ad uses the president's you didn't build that speech to paint the president out of touch. even though it presents the line out of context, it apparently struck a chord with the president. >> what i said was together we build roads and we build bridges, and so if you have got a business you didn't build that, meaning the roads and the bridges, not your business. so this is just a bogus issue. >> today his campaign issued a nearly 3-minute video rebuffing the attack. >> ironically mitt romney knows better than anyone that business can't do it alone. when bain was on the brink of bankruptcy, romney negotiated a bailout with the fdic. >> over the next four months you have a choice to make not just between to political parties or even two people. it's a choice between two very different plans for our county. sometimes politics can seem very small, but the choice you face it couldn't be bigger. >> but apparently his opponent felt no such need to change the flavor of the campaign. >> i have come here today to share my view. i am an unapologetic believer in the
to create jobs. you know, the example that the obama administration is obviously using is the bush administration. the tax rate there you know, they lowered it. it was higher under clinton and 22 million jobs created then. so it doesn't quite jive, this whole idea if you keep these tax rates low that all of a sudden there is going to be a flood of jobs created. >> eliot: the margin rate is zero to negative. the argument simply falls apart. they're simply hot air. the issue of money, mitt romney is raking it in. he could go to the hamptons, and he is the rock star the way barack obama was four years ago. can the president win with less money, target their money and leverage what they've got? >> i still think that the president can win with less money and i would disagree with something you said. i don't think mitt romney is the rock star. i don't think they really like him. i think it's anyone but obama at this point. that's why they're raising that money. i still think anger only gets to you 49%. people have to actually like the candidate to get to you 51%. i don't think there is a
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